FOIZ Emergency Response Center

Year: 2019 – 2021
Client: Fujairah Oil Industry Zone (FOIZ)
Location: Fujairah – UAE
Description: Fujairah Oil Industry Zone (FOIZ) intends to construct a new Fire Station with firemen training facilities on an allocated plot (Spare Area 1B or 1C) within FOIZ.
The scope of the new Fire Station is to provide first response in case of emergency within the FOIZ boundaries.
MUC Engineering: Client’s Consultant for modeling, detailed design and Project Management and Supervision.

FOIZ Central Control Room Building

Year: 2019 – 2021
Client: Fujairah Oil Industry Zone (FOIZ)
Location: Fujairah – UAE
Description: Fujairah Oil Industry Zone (FOIZ) intends to construct a Central Control Room (FOIZ CCR) building within the FOIZ Emergency Response Center (Spare Area 1B) plot.
The function of the new FOIZ CCR building is to monitor Fujairah Oil Industry Zone with video surveillance.
MUC Engineering: Client’s Consultant for modeling, detailed design and Project Management and Supervision.

Akron Trade & Transport Extension Building (G+3P+7+Penthouse+Roof)

Year: 2015 – on going
Client: Akron Trade & Transport
Location: Fujairah – UAE
Description: Akron Trade & Transport intends to construct an Extension Building (G+3P+7+Penthouse+Roof)
MUC Engineering: Client’s Consultant for modeling, detailed design,Preparation of NOC documentation and obtainingrequired NOCs and Project Management andSupervision.

Dibba Bulk Handling Terminal – Package 4 (Port Buildings

Year: 2018-on going
Client: Port of Fujairah
Location: Fujairah – UAE
Description: Port of Fujairah (PoF) is planning the development of a 15 MTPA (maximum 19 MTPA) Bulk aggregate handling terminal in Phase 1, at the existing Dibba Port in Dibba, Emirate of Fujairah. The proposed materials to be transported and exported includes Limestone, Gabbro and Clinker. FNCT is bidding for the execution of Package 4 – Buildings (Port) Contract.
MUC Engineering: Contractor’s Consultant for tender support, basis of design, detailed design and Preparation of NOC documentation and obtaining required NOCs.

FRA New Workshop, Storehouse, Warehouse and Office buildings

Year: 2016-2018
Client: Fujairah Rock and Aggregates (FUJARAC)
Location: Fujairah – UAE
Description: Fujairah Rock and Aggregate (FUJARAC) operates a quarry near the Port of Fujairah. Following continuous development and growth, FUJARAC required a new storehouse for crusher heavy plant parts, a warehouse and an office building to be constructed
MUC Engineering: Client’s Consultant for modeling, detailed design and Project   Management and Supervision.

Fujairah Rockwool Factory Line 2 Project

Year: 2016-2017
Client: Fujairah Rockwool Factory (FRF)
Location: Fujairah – UAE
Description: Fujairah Rockwool Factory (FRF) is located at Al Hayl Industrial Area, Fujairah and had developed new Line 2 project. The Line 2 project has new manufacturing units like CO Burner Line 1 & 3, CO Burner Chimneys, Briquette Plant, also shed for new store shed and warehouse.
MUC Engineering: Client’s Consultant for detailed design and Project Management and Supervision.

Rotary Site Office

Year: 2016

Client: Rotary Engineering

For the Client, we have designed their Fujairah branch office. The design reflects the combination of both their simplicity and their modern look to tomorrow.

MUC was responsible from the first sketch on paper up to delivery of this building. This includes the architectural detailing, MEP, structural design and authorities approvals. This steel structure building, meets todays’ sustainability requirements, such as wall and roof insulation, double glass and a double façade at the entrance.

The double-height entrance has a pleasant feeling and serves well as a reception area for visitors.

Rotary Site Office Entrance
Rotary Site Office Entrance

M-Tower Faseel

Year: 2013-2014

For this project; the M-Tower, we are asked to examine both the technical and financial feasibility of the project. The client has asked us to make a feasibility analysis in a form of a report to be submitted to the bank. The client wanted to look for opportunities to invest with leverage in this building.

The result of this report is a cash flow analysis, detailed description of the technical aspects and the construction cost. In addition, we have looked at the rent ability of the project, revenue versus expenses and a cash flow analysis for the next 10 years through a DCF analysis (Discounted Cash Flow Analysis). The gross initial yield and the first-year revenues played a major role in the findings of this report.


M-Tower interior
M-Tower interior

Engineering building – Port of Fujairah

Year: 2016

Location: Port Of Fujairah, Fujairah, UAE

The existing engineering building at the Port of Fujairah, definitely needed a proper facelift. Normally such building would be demolished to be replaced with a new one. Since renovation contributes to the sustainability concept, re-use of the existing structures and adding square meters  in the form of an additional floor was an ideal solution. Within a tight budget, we have been constructed to scrutinize the existing building and to devise a concept for this.

The existing building consists of two parts; one part is constructed in 1985 and the other part in 1989. The idea is to extend this building with additional square meters and by adding a new floor on top of the existing and old structure, we had the idea to combine all structures into a new building.

PoF Engineering Building - Before
Engineering building in Port of Fujairah before reconstruction

The gray collar which can be seen, melts the structures together into one building. The projecting portion on the corner emphasizes an orientation point, it is manager’s office.

MUC was responsible for the architectural design, structural detailing and tendering.

Architectural Consultancy

Our Architectural Department within MUC Engineering has its background knowledge from the Netherlands. Design by Dutch standards through a multidisciplinary approach provides us the ability to handle complex and large sized projects. Our team is able to find design solutions on various scale levels, from Urban Master Planning at regional level to Architectural Detailing on object level.

At the moment we are working on various architectural projects (villas, resorts, residential/commercial buildings) for private investors in the U.A.E. and in Europe. Besides new buildings we are able to investigate and analyze existing buildings providing solutions once reaching the end of their life-cycle.

Our services consist at least of the following:

  • Conceptual Design
  • Architectural Design
  • Feasibility Study
  • Project Development Consultancy
  • Project Redevelopment Consultancy (re-use of existing buildings)
  • Urban Master Planning