MUC Engineering is an advisory engineering and consultancy company, which strongly believes in well founded advice. In our opinion, good advice in the engineering field is based on a broad knowledge of the physical processes involved. Our experienced engineers have a good understanding of their area of expertise and the physical processes which play a role in it. We use a range of high quality structural, geotechnical and hydraulic software tools to support our advice.

We use the following tools:

D-Sheet Piling is a tool used to design retaining walls and horizontally loaded piles

D-Pile Group enables the analysis of the three-dimensional behaviour of single piles and pile groups

MWell is an analytical calculation program for groundwater modeling

AxisVM is a Building Analysis and Design Software

Scia Esa PT Scia Engineer is a structural engineering platform

PROKON Structural Analysis and Design is a suite of over forty structural analysis, design and detailing programs

AutoCAD Automated drafting

PLAXIS Geotechnical Engineering

Mstab Software for slope stability analysis

TNO-wave Pile drivability assessment

Several mathematical software tools

SWAN for two dimensional full spectral wave modeling

Furthermore, we use engineer developed models for all kinds of engineering and planning applications in which MUC Engineering is involved.