Engineering building – Port of Fujairah

Year: 2016

Location: Port Of Fujairah, Fujairah, UAE

The existing engineering building at the Port of Fujairah, definitely needed a proper facelift. Normally such building would be demolished to be replaced with a new one. Since renovation contributes to the sustainability concept, re-use of the existing structures and adding square meters  in the form of an additional floor was an ideal solution. Within a tight budget, we have been constructed to scrutinize the existing building and to devise a concept for this.

The existing building consists of two parts; one part is constructed in 1985 and the other part in 1989. The idea is to extend this building with additional square meters and by adding a new floor on top of the existing and old structure, we had the idea to combine all structures into a new building.

PoF Engineering Building - Before
Engineering building in Port of Fujairah before reconstruction

The gray collar which can be seen, melts the structures together into one building. The projecting portion on the corner emphasizes an orientation point, it is manager’s office.

MUC was responsible for the architectural design, structural detailing and tendering.