Vopak Horizon Fujairah Ltd. Phase 6 Offshore works

Year: 2012 (completed)
Client: Vopak Horizon Fujairah LLC
Location: Fujairah – UAE
Description: Extension of the VHFL offshore jetty with a new tier on top of the existing bridges in order to accommodate new pipes. The project comprised complete re-design of the jetty.
MUC Engineering: Contractor Consultant for detailed structural design.

Fujairah Northern Land Reclamation Project

Year: 2009-2011 (completed)
Client: Government of Fujairah, Fujairah Municipality
Description: Fujairah Northern Land Reclamation Project Phase 1, Reclamation of 225 hectare of new land including 5.8km of coastal protection. The reclamation fill material was rock, obtained from a nearby quarry. A total of 56 million ton has been produced to create the new land.
MUC Engineering: Client’s Consultant for detailed design, modeling studies Supervision and Project Management.

Oil Terminal Expansion of the Port of Fujairah

Year: 2008 – 2009
Location: Fujairah – UAE
Client: Port of Fujairah
Description: Detailed design, guidance of the tender process and supervision over the construction works of Oil Terminal 2 phase 1 for the Port of Fujairah. The terminal comprises a new quay wall with a length of approx 1.7 for handling oil tankers up to 180,000 DWT, dredging of the entrance channel and harbour basin, reclamation and coastal protection works.

Port of Fujairah, OT2 Phase 1

Year: 2008-2010 (completed)
Client: Port of Fujairah
Location: Fujairah – UAE
Description: Realization of a quay wall for Port of Fujairah Oil Terminal 2, Phase 1 Including construction of 1.5km of combi wall with a retaining height of 22.8m, 800m of deep water breakwater and 5 million m3 of dredging and reclamation. After completion the facility is able to receive 4 tankers up to a size of 200,000 DWT or 8 handy size tankers.
MUC Engineering: Client’s Consultant for detailed design, Supervision and Project Management.