About Us

MUC Engineering is a completely independent advisory engineering and consultancy company, active in the field of civil, marine and oil and gas engineering. Our clients are oil storage terminal operators, building contractors, oil and gas contractors, port authorities, the government, other engineering offices and private companies.

The Scope Covers:

Provision of consulting services in areas of geotechnical, civil-marine, structural, coastal-hydraulic, mechanical and oil and gas engineering including Masterplan development, conceptual studies, front-end and detailed engineering design and Projects management consultancy.

It can be emphasized that especially the strong knowledge and experience-link between marine/structural engineering and geotechnical/foundation construction and oil and gas within the MUC-organization is one of the reasons that MUC is involved in many large oil and gas and infrastructural projects worldwide but specifically in the Middle East. This can be both for client side and for contractor side.

Sustainable infrastructure contributes to the development of a society. With more than 30 years of experience and the wish to preserve a high reputation, MUC has proven to be a valuable partner in all kinds of oil and gas and infrastructural projects around the world. Services range from civil to mechanical and oil and gas engineering and the products are characterized by a solid theoretical background in combination with practical feasibility and project sustainability.